The art of songwriting truly happens when a song bypasses the mind and touches the soul.

Think about it, the profound and evergreen feeling that rushes through you when you hear a song so memorable, you know deep down in your heart “This one’s gonna stay with me for a long long time” . The novelty of the sensation, the thrill! trust me, i can relate. Let me tell you a lil secret, when i was a kid of about 5yrs or less I ran out of the bathroom naked when I heard my favorite song playing on our Black and White box television .I wasn’t thinking about it ,with water dripping all over my body, with only one thing on my mind “my song my song ” like I wrote, composed and produced it or something. That faithful day, I listened to the song with tears, my mother made sure of that. That was many years ago , i can neither remember the song nor the artist but i’m pretty sure you get my point.
Folks, the art of songwriting happens swiftly. When a great song is playing on the radio, you love it before you realize why. What is stranger still is the fact that when I take a trip back in time to appraise classics that blew my mind as a kid, that precious pearl of musical genius rises to the surface every time. Funny how my now keener musical senses only enables me to understand what touched my heart many years ago. Oh! the sound of beautiful music tingling my tiny ears as I sat on the warm bus attachment opposite my stern mother every weekday on my way to school. “Lord let it get to my favorite part before we alight” was my silent prayer.
Ha! sweet memories folks, sweet memories. Soooo….where were we? aha! “THE SOUL” ladies and gentlemen if you didn’t already know, i’m a songwriter and a critic. However, one of the fastest ways i determine a musical master piece from a “servant piece” (lol) is by tentatively turning off my senses and opening my heart and emotions to the very essence of the song. If i cant enjoy it then ,analyzing the technical aspects of the song would only inform my mind on what my heart already discovered. The same goes for memorable songs. A painstaking appraisal of the songwriting, composition & rendition of it will only lead to you to the reason you fell in love with the song without thinking in the first place. So, you have an emphatic YES for an answer if you are asking whether good music has to bypass the mind and touch the soul. Moreso, this is and should always be the supreme goal of a song writer. This why they sometimes say “that was a soul stirring performance”. In summary, when writing a song every rhyme scheme, metaphor, melody (vocal or instrumental) should be geared towards achieving primarily one purpose…alas! you took the words right out of my mouth.

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